By January 1, 2023, activation of the official electronic address is mandatory for all companies registered in Latvia

From 2023. January 1, 2023, all official communication with the state, municipal institutions, and courts of the Republic of Latvia will be ensured only through the official e-mail address. The exchange of correspondence in paper format will be discontinued. In the event that the legal entity (i.e. capital company, branch, or representative office) does not activate the official e-mail address within the specified period, it will be activated automatically without its involvement. The automatic activation of the official e-mail address does not give the representative of the legal entity the opportunity to automatically access the “mailbox” of the e-mail address, which in turn increases the risk of missing important correspondence that the legal entity would have received at its legal address until now.

In order to introduce an official e-address, the company’s signatory person needs to activate the e-address on the portal


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